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Update Your Resumé: Transform Your Life

Katie Tsilimos,

Chief Resumé Writer @ Resumé Transformation

"I am here to empower your career, maximize your salary, and transform your life!"

Elevate Your Executive Brand Across Platforms!

Resumé, Cover Letter, & LinkedIn



Hand-curated content for your resumé, cover letter, and LinkedIn page.

Increase Your LinkedIn Profile Views Up to 27X! Garner interest from leading executive recruiters. 

Secure a New Job in Less than 3 Months! Approximately 35% of Resumé Transformation clients secure a new position within the first three months, a remarkable feat considering our average client earns $150 - $450K in base salary (total comp for some of these individuals exceeds $1M+ per public proxy).
Negotiate an Awesome Salary! 
We have helped our clients to secure salary increases between $25K to $150K+.  Average Return on Investment (ROI) is ~10X. 

Land an Executive Role (with a Title You Never Thought Was Possible)! We particularly love working with Director-Level candidates as we've had huge success helping them make the jump to C-level positions. 

Clients Have Landed Executive Positions at:


6 & 7-Figure Careers: Salary Increases of $150K+

Meet Katie

Executive Resumé Writer & LinkedIn Profile Expert | Executive Recruiter 💼

Executive Resumé Writer & LinkedIn Profile Expert | Job Coach 💼 Executive Recruiter --->

Katie is a master Resumé Writer and former Talent Acquisition Manager with nearly 10-years in the Recruitment field. She has personally reviewed more than 1 million resumés, phone interviewed over 5,000 applicants, and hired over 1,000 talented individuals.  Since establishing Resumé Transformation, she's bolstered the  brands of 350+ executives, including C-Level executives with total compensation of $1M+.


SHE'S BEEN IN THE TRENCHES – heard the harsh remarks of hiring managers – and knows EXACTLY why people are selected or eliminated from the hiring process.

Her resumé expertise includes Executive (C-Level) Finance & Accounting, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, Strategic Planning, Business Development, and other dedicated specializations.


Through her advisement, you will become indestructible, overcoming hiring objections to TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE!



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Trusted Recommendations from the former Chief People Officer at JetBlue (former Chief HR at Spirit Airlines) and several other Fortune 500 CFOs & executives!

“Get Hired Faster.
Become the Ideal Candidate with our Help.”
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